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According to Jeeves

A collection of wit and wisdom from the world of Wodehouse

Featuring the most iconic quotes from P.G. Wodehouse’s best-loved duo, Jeeves and Wooster, ACCORDING TO JEEVES is the perfect treat for fans old and new!

This collection showcases Jeeves’ enlightening views on everything from romance (‘the female of the species is more deadly than the male, sir’) to the best way to avoid an unwanted conversation (‘a trip abroad might prove enjoyable’). The unfaltering valet even offers up his approach to breaking and entering (‘the recognized method in vogue in the burgling industry’).

From family life to travel, sports to fashion, and even philosophy – the ingenious Jeeves has always got the answer. And now readers can benefit from his boundless wit and wisdom in one neat package.

ACCORDING TO JEEVES is the ultimate stocking filler, and a little slice of joy to satisfy even the most learned Wodehouse fan.

With an introduction from Alan Titchmarsh

Released 17th October 2024

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