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The Clergy Omnibus

In the whole delightful world of Wodehouse, the English clergy offers some of the richest sources of good-natured good humour. Confronted by burglars or belted earls, they plough serenely on with the Advent sermon or the opening of the village fete – until that is, they are swept uncontrollably into fiendish plots which only a well-disposed devil or member of the Drones Club could have contrived.

No bishop is more endearingly plump and pompous than a P.G. Wodehouse bishop, no vicar more a pillar of his community (provided his sermons aren’t too long), and in this collection of short stories we watch as they are plunged into one hilarious scenario after another.

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The obvious choice for pure escapism at this difficult time is PG Wodehouse. I … ensurethat I read two or three of his books every year, in order to maintain mental equanimity and a cheery outlook on life. … There is no one to touch Wodehouse for comic writing in English.’

Catholic Herald