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The Adventures of Sally

If you come into a lot of money, life becomes easier, right?

No, wrong – at least for Sally Nicholas, whose generosity of spirit immediately runs into all the slings and arrows outrageous fortune can send. Her handsome fiance turns out not to be all he seems – and then there is the show he’s written, which Sally puts on in the theatre. No, in this delightful early novel from the master of Englsih comedy, life is not straightforward at all.

But waiting in the wings is Ginger Kemp, who really does adore her, seems to make a hash of everything he tries and yet is always ready to try something else. If money becomes a problem, perhaps Ginger will provide a solution.

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The obvious choice for pure escapism at this difficult time is PG Wodehouse. I … ensurethat I read two or three of his books every year, in order to maintain mental equanimity and a cheery outlook on life. … There is no one to touch Wodehouse for comic writing in English.’

Catholic Herald