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The Inimitable Jeeves

“I want you to meet my nephew, Bertie Wooster,” said Aunt Agatha. “He has just arrived. Such a surprise! I had no notion that he intended coming…”

A collection of classic stories featuring some of the funniest episodes in the life of gentleman Bertie Wooster and his incomparable valet Jeeves.

Meddling Aunt Agatha wants to see Bertie married, and nothing will stop her from playing matchmaker. The problem? Bertie has no plans to settle down.

So it’s up to Jeeves to find Bertie a way out of marrying the terrifying Honoria Glossop, and to help Bertie’s insatiable friend Bingo Little navigate falling head-over-heels for seven different girls.

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To have one of his books in your hand is to possess, by way of a pill, that which can relieve anxiety, rageiness, or an afternoon-long tendency towards the sour. Paper has rarely been put to better use than printing Wodehouse.

Caitlin Moran