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Uncle Dynamite

Poor Pongo Twistleton must endure his sixty-year-old Uncle Fred once a year. But this year, mischievous Uncle Fred has gone too far.

While Pongo is busy trying to impress his future father-in-law Sir Aylmer Bostock, Uncle Fred asks him to steal the man’s priceless bust and replace it with a creation made by none other than his once-fiancée, Sally Painter. It is a scheme that is doomed to fail, but why should that deter Uncle Fred, or, for that matter, the unshakeable Sally? But when it does, Uncle Fred has several more tricks up his inestimable sleeve and Pongo will have to play more than the good nephew.

Will Uncle Fred have his way? Will Pongo end up with the right wife? And is a pot of raspberry jam ever truly safe from invaders?

A caper of irrepressible joy and wit, Uncle Dynamite is a Wodehouse classic and one of the finest comedy novels ever written.

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One of the greatest and silliest stories ever told.

Greg James

A brilliant writer. Extraordinary.

Philip Pullman

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